Wednesday, September 4, 2013

E-Cigs: Is It Safe to Vape?

I steal this from:
Medscape Internal Medicine > Medicine Matters
Hello. I am Dr. Sandra Fryhofer. Welcome to Medicine Matters. The topic is electronic cigarettes: Is vaping safer than smoking? There's a new study in the journal Tobacco Control.[1] Here is why it matters.
Electronic cigarettes -- e-cigs -- look like cigarettes in size and shape, but they are nonflammable, so you don't smoke them. Instead, you "vape" them, and vaping seems to be catching on. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says their use is growing rapidly.[2] Already about 1 in 5 cigarette smokers in the United States have tried them, and they are available everywhere -- in retail outlets, on the Internet -- but experts disagree on whether vaping is safe.
Previous data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed that one of the ingredients in e-cigarette vapor is polyethylene glycol, the chemical used for theatrical smoke. It is also an FDA-approved food additive commonly found in deodorants, moisturizers, and toothpaste. But that is not the only chemical found in e-cigs. The FDA says that analyses of at least 2 brands of e-cigs revealed detectible levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals, such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, as well as small amounts of tobacco-specific nitrosamines.[3]

The new study in Tobacco Control [1] analyzed vapors from a dozen brands and also found some toxic substances, but at levels 9 to 450 times lower than in regular cigarette smoke, implying that vaping may be safer than smoking. Still, the impact of e-cigs on long-term health needs further study.
The CDC also says it is not clear whether e-cigs help people quit smoking. Many e-cigs also deliver nicotine, so the gadget still keeps some people addicted. It is not clear whether e-cigs will help smokers decrease or increase their use of traditional cigarettes.
There is also concern that electronic cigarettes could entice young people to try them, who would then get hooked on the nicotine. More research is needed. For now, trier and buyer beware.
For Medicine Matters, I am Dr. Sandra Fryhofer.

Some people can't read the article when they're not a member. That's why I copied the whole article and not just post the link. But if you can click and read at the original site, do it, and read the comments too. It's interesting.

I checked out this article mainly because my beloved actor, Rob Pattinson's vaping. I wish he could just quit it all together. But well... who am I to wish him what to do. He makes decision for himself. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Books I read in August

1. Retribution round 1
2. Arsen round 2
3. Love Me round 2
6. Arouse
7. Allure
8. Collide 
9. Exposure
10. When It Rains round 1

Retribution (Mystic Series #4) by B.C. Burgess


We've been warned. This book's long. It's 562 pages long. But so worth it. Especially when the book's full with Bonnie C Burgess's talent.

"Those who failed Agro generally failed to draw breath long enough to regret their mistake." 
Simple. But who writes like that?

The book's not just long and good, the book makes you FEEL. The book makes you cry. I cried from chapter 2. I cried at every step of the way. I cried for Quin's love for Layla. I cried for his agony. I cried for little Alana. I cried for Skyla and Banning. I cried for all the love that's portrayed so well through the whole series.

And especially Quin's love for Layla.

"Feel free to make your demands anytime, love. I live to please you."

"I love you, Layla. You're my life, and I'll spend whatever time I have left on earth making sure you're taken care of."

"You're the brightest star that's ever burned, and I'm beyond blessed you choose to burn me."

"...if there ever comes a time when I'm not showing you how much I love you, I want you to slap me straight."

The gathering for the fight might have reminded me of Breaking Dawn, the recruiting. But the similarity ends there. This drafting caused me a lot of pouring tears. And they actually fight. They have strategies and they fought. And there are actual lost.

You're introduced to more (group of) characters. There are much more enemies in this magical world. It's a real world thing. Not just their little coven. And not just in the states. There are many more magicians in the world. You get to see her from bigger world in. I can't wait to see what's out there for Layla and Quin. I don't know what/how we have to prepare ourselves to follow/witness Layla and Quin's journey. But I'm sure Bonnie will make the experience worth it.

If I can sum it, I'd say this is a battle book. It starts with them deciding to fight. And ends after the fight. The whole 51 chapters was that. But then there was this epilogue that got you. OMG. Their journey doesn't end yet. The epilogue let you know it's still far from ending. And the anticipation is so bittersweet. Can't wait for book 5!!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Love Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #4)

Love Me
The sweet parts in the book are so sweet. Pinky touching sweet. Hand intertwining sweet. Feather light sweet. The hot parts are soooo HOT. Bath tub hot. Rubbing hot! oh my....

This book makes me doubt. (Like we all haven't been doubting, duh?!) What was clear has became muddy again. It's so hard to write a review for this book without spoiling it. Every single line could be every single clue. And top it with, it was like that for every single boy. Oh my.

Aiden - I had to scream "This is uneffing-believable!!" I mean, when he's sweet, he's so super sweet & chivalrous. But when he's not, he's so frustrating and I'm afraid "that" will push K away for good someday.

Dawson - I can't. I seriously can't say anything about Dawes without a spoiler. We definitely get to know him better. Because he's so honest. I'm so curious to see Team Dawson's reaction.

Brooklyn - Brooklyn's definitely bouncing back. Some traitors in Team Aiden are loving B and I can't blame them.

Vincent - Omfg. He's brought his creep factor to another level. He's desperate but he's smart. It was so scary. Vincent scene always got my heart pumping, adrenaline rushing. Jillian's so brilliant to come up with this.

If last book had Riley as an aww... cute factor, this book is definitely Braxton Johnson. He's hilarious. He cracked me up. But Riley's definitely still there and be such an observant and resourceful best friend. :)

- Pay close attention. Don't miss any line. One blink and things might take different turn! That's my advice for the book. But the ending.. my... nothing can prepare you for the end. Having said that, don't spoil it by flipping to the end of the book first. DON'T!

Jillian always ALWAYS have such a way to end the book. Such a way that you wanna strangle her and scream... NEXT BOOK PLEASE!!! And this ending might just give you a heart attack. Somewhere in the book, my heart stopped. It restarted again at tge end....Be warned. :)

Lick: Stage Drive 1

I liked reading Lick. Light. Easy. Brought me a smile. And feel like cuddling up with hubby while reading.

Lick got me hooked from page 1. Every emotion well transferred. I felt tight chest for David so many times and so understood his reactions. And they talked. A nice change for a book.
David and Ev talked about their feelings and what they wanted.

I'm still surprised she still couldn't remember how they got married. But heck, Ev's sure one lucky bitch. :)

Arsen. A broken love story by Mia Asher


Arsen is a broken love story. 
A broken love. 
A broken marriage. 
The book's message came across very clear. 
Marriage requires work. 
Don't take the love you get for granted. 
Don't take your husband for granted. 
Don't take your marriage for granted. 
Work. Communicate. Try. 
Second chances are not for everyone.

I hope you enjoy the book. 
Mia nails it with messages, emotions.. 
And lighten it a bit with some jokes here and there.

I read Arouse/Allure and fell in love with Dean... 
now reading Arsen... 
ah.. man.. 
I wish I could be sandwiched between the two of them. 
(Though I'm sure they'd go mad.. seeing how obsessive they are!!) 
Best book husbands... ever! 
(sorry Christian, sorry Jesse)

Ben was so darn cute.. 
I loved it when he patted his pussy, 
or was it my pussy? 
or her pussy? 
I wish I married him.